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Ultra-Immersive Resident Evil 4 VR Flooded With Negative Reviews

DENVER – Gamers around the world who don’t understand the true nature of immersion have flooded the VR port of Resident Evil 4 (2023) with negative reviews, complaining the presence of Leon’s long hair covers much of the player’s view. Some also incorrectly asserted the game had broken half of their VR headset’s display, according to a review of the comments.

Along with Steam reviews, some went to X (Formerly Twitter) to vent their frustrations.

“HELLO??! I want to be able to see the damn game!” one user posted. “I’m left-handed too. How am I supposed to aim? If this feature stays in the game, then I will request a refund.”

Director Kazunori Kadoi took to social media to respond to criticisms of the feature, most notably if the hair feature can be removed in any way.

“We want the game to be as immersive as possible, so we will keep the hair visible to the player’s view,” Kadoi said. “But there will be a patch that allows players to flip their hair to the side, allowing for the temporary use of sight. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.”

In a statement to the press he continued to defend the vision.

“We have always strived to make each new entry more immersive, and we will not bow to criticism,” Kadoi said. “Every strand of hair was meticulously designed to flow in the wind, and hang loosely and naturally directly in front of your field of view.”

While the idea of looking through the eyes of Leon S. Kennedy certainly sounds thrilling, the surprising obstacle that is Leon’s hair is definitely a dealbreaker to some.

At press time, fans continue to speculate if Capcom will stick to this bold decision.

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