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Ubisoft Executive Says Gamers Can Have Their Games on Weekends and After School If They’ve Been Good

Ubisoft is shaking things up with their subscription service, Ubisoft+, which lets gamers stream a wide catalog of their games across multiple platforms. However this new service comes with a catch for gamers who paid for these games at full price.

Philippe Tremblay, Ubisoft’s director of subscriptions, recently announced that gamers will now be able to play their games only on weekends and some school nights if the player has been good.

“Listen, we’re not saying you have to buy the subscription to play these games you’ve already paid for, but if you were good boys and girls you would,” Tremblay said. “Gamers don’t need to own these games. We do! It makes more sense just to borrow them from us, and if they do they can stay up all night and eat as much ice cream as they want while they play.”

The service has garnered criticism from fans, and left them wondering if they’ll be able to play the games they’ve already purchased freely.

“Of course they can still play those games… as long as they’ve done all of their chores and finished their homework, and it’s not past their bedtime,” Tremblay continued.

“We just don’t feel gamers are responsible enough to own our games. Can they really keep track of discs or cartridges? Don’t get me wrong, we are fine with them playing our games, we just prefer it’s on our service and under our supervision. We’re a very open studio.” Tremblay emphasized while dabbing.

While this may sound reasonable to some gamers, others find it to be just another example of companies trying to do away with physical media and take the privilege of ownership away from the consumer.

“It’s no fair,” commented reddit user u/Eziosbestio. “Companies are always trying to stop me from buying movies and music. I’m a big boy! These CEOs don’t understand me and they’re being totally unfair. When they were my age they got to buy all the games they wanted! I’m gonna run away and take all my games with me!”

Following the launch of Ubisoft+, experts have reportedly seen a historic increase in gamers going to their friend’s house. The one with cool parents and a Nintendo and a hot tub.

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