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Two Point Campus Gets Surprise Update Adding New Beat ‘em Up MiniGame

LOS ANGELES – Two Point Studios surprised fans of their college campus simulator, Two Point Campus, with a new beat ‘em up minigame add-on, dubbed Peace on the Quad.

In the new add-on, players take on the role of local police, tasked with saving the campus from its revolting students. Property and graduation are at risk as you beat your way through liberal arts students and arrest traitorous political science professors.

Two Point Studio’s Game Lead, Marcus Van, shared his vision behind Peace on the Quad in a lengthy video, posted to X earlier today.

“We wanted to capture the true college administration experience of 2024,” Van said before smacking a dummy with a baton. “You have the tools and the means to build the university of your dreams. Why let a few spoiled twenty-somethings ruin those dreams? In Peace on the Quad, it’s up to you to reclaim your quad by any means necessary.”

The video displayed portions of gameplay from Peace on the Quad, depicting cute little characters in riot gear pummeling cute little protestors. Van continued by describing the deceptively deep gameplay in the new add-on.

“You’re not only beating students. You’re controlling the narrative,” Van said, repositioning his baton to mimic a microphone. “Between beat ‘em up sessions you’ll send out press releases blaming the students for the violence, shut down campus access for professors who cross the line, and crush any opposition that gets in the way of our mission toward the betterment of our global society.”

Later in the video, Van addressed concerns about the inability to play as students in the new add-on.

“Who wants to play as students? Where’s the fun in that,” Van asked. “As an administrator of your own dream university, you have all the power. You not only get to return peace to the quad, but you also get to experience the aftermath of returning peace to the quad. Did a detained student rise above the ranks and become a powerful person in the public eye decades later? Celebrate their achievements and the activism from their college years. They won’t bat an eye if you throw enough money their way or name a few buildings after them. No one can stop you. You hear me? No one!”

Peace on the Quad is now available and is free to all college administrators with either a valid ID or a few teeth from the mouth of an undergraduate protestor.

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