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Time For Redemption: Louis CK to Star in Upcoming ‘Leisure Suit Larry’ Movie

NEW YORK — After a surprise appearance at the Comedy Cellar on Monday night, Louis CK has continued his comeback tour by announcing that he bought the rights to the classic video game Leisure Suit Larry and is planning to self-finance a movie starring himself as the famed degenerate pervert.

“I’ve been away from comedy for a while so I wanted to do something in my wheelhouse to shake the rust off,” CK explained to an audience at the Comedy Cellar, “and I couldn’t think of a better property to adapt for film than a video game where you go around and disgust women with sexual advances they did not want.”  

Fans of CK praised the announcement online.

“It’s time for us to come together and respect that Louis is one of the smartest comedians to ever live,” explained twitter user @georgecarlinfan101. “If someone less funny had jerked off in front of all those women, then sure, I’d want them to go away for more than nine months. But I need someone to confront the darkness in our lives and no one can do that as well as Louis CK.”

The movie will be released on Louis CK’s website where fans can pay either five dollars or get the movie for free if they let CK masturbate to them over Skype for five minutes.

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