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Therapist Says Streamer Needs to Subscribe to Himself

OMAHA, Neb. —  Local therapist Dr. James Walters told Mario Maker Twitch streamer Mark “NobodyLovesLuigi37” Rogers that he needs to “subscribe to himself” if he ever hopes to improve his self-esteem.

“I strictly follow client confidentiality so I cannot comment if Mr. Rogers is currently or ever was a patient,” said Dr. Walters. “But if I had a streamer for a patient, hypothetically, I’d tell him that he needs to really believe in himself. He deserves a sub. And not a mere Amazon Prime subscription, but a real tier 3 commitment.”

Other Twitch streamers shared their perspectives on therapy.

“I think it is good that NobodyLovesLuigi37 is getting mental health treatment. I have been going to therapy for years,” said streamer BitcoinBoshi. “But if you want to hear my full perspective on this and other topics, please join my sub-only Discord.”

“I can’t see any good reason a streamer needs to talk to a shrink,” said variety streamer BowserWasRight14. “The right place to talk about your mental health is during a stream with your fans. Nothing gets that subscriber count pumping better than a rambling, drunken call begging your ex to take you back during a Super Mario 64 speed run.”

Rogers, however, felt that the therapy might be having a positive benefit.

“I’m really trying to take what the doctor says to heart and focus on myself and my stream,” said Rogers. “I’ve got to subscribe to myself before I can expect others to subscribe to me, too. So please subscribe to me, please join the subscriber Discord, and use bits to show you care. I know Dr. Walters does, and now, so do I.”

Sources report that Rogers lost a total 600 subscribers during his therapy session for being away from Twitch.

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