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Swedish Chef Joins ‘The Bear’ Season 3

HOLLYWOOD – Swedish Chef, the beloved resident chef of the Muppet Show, has joined the cast of FX’s The Bear. The news comes as the critically acclaimed television show gears up for its third season set to release in 2024.

The celebrity chef will play Maurice Combs, a character described as a former NYC culinary genius that Carmy (Jeremy Allen White) butted heads with in his past. Swedish Chef becomes the latest in the list of prestigious actors to guest star on the show.

“We’re incredibly grateful to have a legendary actor joining our cast this season,” says show creator, Christopher Storer. “Watching a true professional fling fish across the set is like watching Lebron James in the playoffs.”

This guest starring role will be Swedish Chef’s first endeavor outside of the Muppet extended universe. Apart from this, the chef had a cameo cut out of the 2015 Bradley Cooper vehicle, Burnt, after a creative dispute with the film’s director.

“He was a nightmare offset! Refusing to get out of his trailer until his entire entourage of rats and chickens got free range of the craft services. It got to the point where we were losing money behind the scenes all for a disposable cameo that didn’t even push the plot forward.” said Burnt Director, John Wells, in an interview with the Tinsel Town Reporter.

This very public dispute landed Swedish Chef on a Hollywood short list of difficult actors that takes a PR miracle to get off. When questioned about his tumultuous past on set, Swedish Chef told the press, “ I’m ivere-a ouff my vrungduings in zee-a pest und hefe-a deescunnected frum indeefiduoels vhu led me-a istrey. Bork Bork Bork!”

At press time Ayo Edebiri, who plays Sydney, has been spotted with the Muppet guest star leaving a Techno-European dance club sparking dating rumors.

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