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Struggling to Fill Time, Geoff Keighley Looks Around Room to Improvise Game Announcement

LOS ANGELES — Speaking slowly while his eyes darted around his home for inspiration to help him ad-lib, gaming news personality Geoff Keighley improvised an entire surprise game announcement on the fly while hosting The Game Awards Thursday night.

“Yes, uh, that’s right. We here at The Game Awards, um, are excited to announce the worldwide exclusive n-news which is a…new….Caaaaastle….vania….game!” Keighley said, squinting and straining his face as he grasped for more words to fill out his clearly unprepared freestyling. “It’s called, uh, let’s see…Castlevania: Coat Rack of The Night, and it’s the newest game from Konami made in partnership with, let’s say Kitchen Sink Studios. Yeah, that sounds real.”

Fans online were quick to agree that the very flimsy-sounding plot details in Keighley’s preview of the game included many words for objects that were clearly just things in his immediate line of sight.

“At first I was really excited for CotN, but then it started to sound seriously fake,” said Reddit user MiserableLilPile. “Like you really expect me to believe that the main weapon in the game is a ballpoint pen? How would that even work, Geoff?” 

At press time, Keighley reportedly concluded the announcement with the news that a demo of the new game would be available to download next week on laundry day.

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