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Streamer Who Sits in Chair Six Hours a Day Sponsored by Energy Drink

NEW YORK — A content creator that spends upwards of six to eight hours a day sitting still and playing video games has landed a lucrative sponsorship with an energy drink company, sources have confirmed. 

“What’s up guys, just entering my fifth hour of minimal body movement and I wanted to give a shout out to my new sponsors Little Moose Energy Drink,” said partnered Twitch streamer Ryan Meyers, AKA 12Ram. “I’m now contractually obligated to drink three of these per stream, and I feel like my legs are going to run away from my body. Let’s play some more Fortnite before I start to freak out!” 

Meyers’ behavior has reportedly grown erratic since the sponsorship began, with his usual steady flow of gaming interrupted with frequent pauses to around the room or do push-ups while screaming loudly. 

“12Ram fell off,” said one subscriber, when asked about the recent streams. “He used to be a chill dude that played games and cracked jokes, and you could really see why he gained so many followers so soon. But now that he just drinks those weird Moose drinks and spins around in his chair most of the time, I’m enjoying it much, much less. Good on you for getting paid, but like, are we sure this is good for him? I think I saw him have a seizure the last time I watched. Dude is just drinking way too many energy drinks.” 

As of press time, 12Ram had begun bench pressing his gaming chair during a stream.