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That’s a Relief: ‘Starfield’ Raiders Using Correct Pronouns Whilst Attempting To Kill Main Character

ALPHA CENTAURI — A group of raiders aboard a derelict space station have opened fire upon the protagonist of Bethesda’s Starfield, whilst being sure to pronoun them correctly, according to local reports.

“Watch out, they’ve got fragment grenades! We’ve gotta take that scumbag down” said Spacer captain Hodge Gulder. “They’re over there, reloading their laser pistol! Time to make you wish you were never born, asshole!”

When questioned about the incident after the player character had fled successfully, the wounded captain spoke of the importance of etiquette in space combat.

“It’s just common decency” said Hodge, whilst attempting to wrap some bandages around his gaping flesh wound, “just because we’re attempting to gun down a bastard for stepping into our territory doesn’t mean we can’t respect their identity.”

The change of procedure has been met with some criticism, especially from former members of the raider group.

“Back in my day things were simple, you just assumed everyone was a man until proven otherwise. Nobody had time to be offended because you’d killed them all,” said ousted former captain Needles Mackenzie, “This whole gender identity thing is total nonsense anyway, it’s basic biology that you can’t change genetics. Unless you visit a genetics lab.”

When reached for comment, the player character ‘Fliss’ simply supplied answers that amounted to “yes,” or a slightly more sarcastic “yes”.