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Point/Counterpoint: If Starfield Doesn’t Deliver, XBox and Bethesda are TOAST vs. I Am an Adult

POINT: If Starfield Doesn’t Deliver, XBox and Bethesda are TOAST

Oh man, Todd Howard and Bethesda sure are in a corner now aren’t they?! They’ve hyped this game so much as the big console exclusive for the year and now they are F-U-C-K-E-D if this game falls short of expectations. Starfield is supposed to sell systems and Game Pass subscriptions, but it might just end up being the death knell for the crappiest video game console that’s out there. I mean, after Redfall shit the bed, there’s just no room for another misstep. It’s a good thing I ride so hard for Sony, because frankly, this would be a downright embarrassing time to be an Xbox fan. 

Oh, and did you see the early reviews? They’re coming in and let me tell you, things are looking BLEAK for Bethesda. I mean, there’s been some 7’s and 8’s coming out for it. Can you believe it? A seven. Really think about that. Their goose is COOKED, I’m telling you. Seven’s man. Damn. Todd Howard is probably going to fucking kill himself. Don’t you think Todd Howard is going to kill himself. I would if I made such buggy video games. So that’s it. It’s a total turkey, and there’s absolutely no way Xbox and Bethesda come back from this one. You won’t convince me otherwise. 


I’m sorry, but what now? Do you need help finding your parents? Oh, you poor thing. You must be so scared right now. Let’s go use the store intercom and maybe we can find your mom.