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Everything We Know About Starfield

Starfield is set to be the biggest game of the year (*cough* outside of Tears of the Kingdom), but what do we actually know about? A whole lot, actually. Here’s all those things:

The game will go ‘Kaboom’ and ‘Pshew’ and ‘Ker-Blamm’

Bethesda has revealed the game will contain a wide variety of exciting space noises

Will feature over 250,000 lines of dialogue 

We are told this is a good thing 

Fully-Romanceable Todd Howard

Starfield will allow players to live the fantasy of being monogamous to game developer Todd Howard and nobody else

Realistic spaceship controls 

Bethesda has stated that the controls are so accurate the average player has no chance of successfully maneuvering the game’s vehicles through outer space.

Bethesda is willing to delay the game if Dominic doesn’t clean his room 

Come on man, don’t fuck this up for all of us. 

The story is set in the year 2310

Starfield’s narrative is largely focused on the main characters picking up old broadcasts from Earth and getting really into Family Guy and the NBA. 

It’s being called ‘Skyrim in space’ 

Due to both Bethesda’s involvement and horses being the main mode of transportation in both games. 

There will be an online showcase focused on the game next month 

Bethesda is expecting to announce more details about the game’s plot, gameplay, and delay until 2024

All glitches are on purpose

If you catch a glitch in the game, no you fucking didn’t. That was on purpose and it’s to make the game funnier or something like that

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