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Starfield Nominated for “Most Deserving of a 7/10” Category at the Game Awards

“Respect, no one deserves it more,” one fan said.

ROCKVILLE – Starfield, the first new IP Bethesda Softworks in over 20years, looks to be the game to beat in the “Most Deserving of a 7/10” category at The Game Awards.

“This is what it was all for,” Todd Howard, Starfield’s creative director, said when asked for a response to the nomination. “Starfield is our most advanced game to date, requiring more loading screens to fast travel between destinations than any other game we’ve ever produced, and an indecipherable starmap I’m sure one of our fantastic people in the modding community will fix any day now.”

Phil Spencer himself weighed in on the nomination.

“This is definitely worth the $7.5 billion we paid to acquire Bethesda,” The Xbox chief said. “With Starfield, Todd and the team at Bethesda have released a game of the totally serviceable quality our fans have come to expect from Xbox. Like Momma Spencer used to say ‘Cs get degrees!’.”

“When it comes to milking their fanbase for all they’re worth, and seeing how much they will put up with, nobody does it quite like the team at Bethesda,” Spencer added. “It’s those kind of qualities we’re hoping to impart on the rest of the studios we’ve acquired over the years.”

Pete Hines, former senior vice president of global marketing & communications who left Bethesda shortly after Starfield’s launch to become a fulltime Redfall streamer, offered his input.

“I couldn’t be more proud to have contributed to something people will be buying re-releases of for the next 10 years. Speaking of the next 10 years, I need to get back to streaming Redfall.”

Fans were sounding off on the r/Starfield subreddit to celebrate the nomination as well.

u/SkoomaKid said, “Name another studio capable of putting out such a high budget middling product. I’ll wait.”

At press time, Todd Howard was seen leading his team in a chant of. “Who are we? Bethesda! Who are we gonna beat? Sonic Superstars!”