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Star Citizen to Begin Offering Reverse Mortgages

LOS ANGELES – Cloud Imperium Games, makers of Star Citizen, have announced a new reverse mortgage program in conjunction with their new $48,000 Ship Bundle.

“We knew there would be a segment of our fans who would love to take advantage of our new ship bundle, but might not have the capital available to do so. Which is why we are proud to announce our new reverse mortgage program,” said company spokesperson Charlie Cooper. “The beauty of reverse mortgages is they require no repayment until the resident dies, sells their house, or does not live there for more than 12 months. It’s an incredible value that I think a lot of our players will take advantage of.”

Chad Hudson, a longtime supporter and fan of the game which has been in development since 2010, missed every deadline along the way, and has raised more money than the GDP of some countries, spoke to Hard Drive about the new program.

“I was one of the first people to sign up,” Hudson said, “It’s so generous of them to offer this program to those of us who could only afford to spend $10,000 up to this point. And the best part is I never have to worry about repaying it. I don’t plan on moving, and once I’m gone they can just have the house.”

When asked how his children might feel about their familial home being surrendered to a game developer after his death, Hudson said, “My kids will get the spaceships that the reverse mortgage paid for, which seems like a much better inheritance than a house on a multi-acre lot.”

Jim Cramer, noted financial analyst and host of Mad Money, offered his own input on the new program.

“I’m very bullish on this new program,” the former hedge manager said. “Letting people borrow against their home to purchase digital goods that will only appreciate in value is a no brainer. You’d be a fool to not take advantage of this program.” When asked about Cloud Imperium Games in general, Cramer added, “It takes a really special company to raise the level of funds Cloud Imperium has without releasing any kind of finished product. Every executive I’ve ever met would kill to have that kind of blind faith from their audience.”

At press time, Chad Hudson had died following a massive heart attack, and a group of Cloud Imperium interns was seen loading his possessions into a U-Haul van.

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