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Sorry Gamers, We Have Delayed Our Fall 2021 Preview Until Next Year

Hey gamers, I don’t wanna bullshit you here. Every single video game website, whether it’s a real one like IGN, Polygon, or PCGamer, or a fake one like The Onion Gamers Network, or Kotaku, publishes a fall preview article. Hell, most will publish several. But we have to delay ours, for reasons I’m sure everyone will understand. If I get some other things done, I can get it to you all next year. Is that cool? 

It’ll be really unbelievable once it all comes together. I wish I had, like, a preview of it or something to show you, but that would be a little ridiculous. I can tell you it’s going to have a lot of features, though! Insights, videos, little quips like we do and all that. Like it’s gonna be one of our best articles, easily. It’s just nowhere near ready! 

Sorry if you were looking for a preview of upcoming games, though. That’s one me. I shouldn’t encourage you to go read those other sites, but like, maybe just keep an eye out on the storefronts and check out trailers and stuff. There’s bound to be some good stuff coming out.

I bet you can figure it out. 

You know, the more I think about it, I don’t think this is the worst thing in the world. When I publish the Fall 2021 Preview in 2022 (or like maybe early 2023 AT THE LATEST) it will still be a Fall 2021 Preview, I want to be clear on that. So not only will it be a preview, it will also be a retrospective. A review, preview, and postview, if you will. Truly, the definitive preview of the games of Fall 2021. 

It just won’t be ready for a while. 

We thought about putting one out with just a few entries, but that would have felt cheap. It’s like me editor Jeremy told me one time, “A delayed fall preview is eventually good, but a rushed fall preview is forever bad.” 

He’s so right, you guys. 

Thank you again for understanding. We want to provide you articles, and we want to make you laugh, but we just came up a little short this time. In short, we’re sorry.

You’ll have to excuse the ads and banners we’ve employed all over our website. I really told the guys I would get this thing done. This is ‘Game Shark Week’ all over again, frankly. If you see an ad for our coverage before a video on YouTube, I’m gonna ask you right now to ignore that, too, okay? Thank you so much.

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