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Sony Announces New PS5 Slim Will Be Water Resistant in up to 1 Inch of Water for 3 Seconds

SAN MATEO, Calif. — Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan announced during a press conference that the new PlayStation 5 Slim would be water resistant in up to one inch of water for three seconds.

“Consoles have never featured water resistance. Until now,” Ryan said. “With this being a slim console, it’s a lot more portable. That’s why we felt it was important to give it some level of water resistance, for those accidental spills and such. That’s why we’re proud to announce that the PS5 Slim will be water resistant in one inch of water for up to three seconds.”

Ryan cited several instances of fans approaching him to tell him that their PS5s had been ruined by water damage, which inspired him to implement water resistance into the new slim version of the PS5.

“I’ve had so many fans come up to me with heartbreaking stories about losing their PS5s to water damage. Cats knocking over drinks, for example. Or one gamer who tried to play their PS5 while taking a bath, which ultimately ended up doing in both the PS5 and the gamer himself. Each one of these stories weighs on me heavily, like the PS5 itself. And so I strove to implement water resistance into the PS5 Slim. I’m happy to report that we’ve just barely done that.”

PlayStation fans were enthusiastic about the new feature. One longtime fan questioned whether other consoles could keep up with the innovation.

“Ha! I bet the Xbox could not handle the same absolute drenching of the PS5 Slim!,” one fan commented online. “I’m going to take a super soaker to mine as soon as it shows up just to post online for the Xbone cry babies to watch and wish they could do the same.”

At press time, leaks confirmed that future PS5 refreshes would feature drop resistance up to one inch from the ground.

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