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Should Every Game Have an Easy Mode? We Aren’t Writing an Article But Feel Free to Share This Post With Your Own Opinion

Did you see that headline? What’d you think? Pretty thought provoking, huh? Should every game have an easy mode? Fuck if I know, but I really want you to think about having this conversation on your own, maybe once you’ve shared this article with your immediate social circle(s).

I’ll be damned if I do any research for this post that’s merely a springboard to arguments and engagement, but I have to imagine there’s good points being made by both sides on this one. 

Like on one hand, some people are probably like, “It’s up to the creators of the game to present you with an experience, and to say every game should have an easy mode is like saying every film should have a dance sequence,” or some such bullshit. And I’m certain the other side is like, “Not everyone has the time and skill to play the same games as everyone else, and why should we leave them out of gaming?”

Honestly? Doesn’t matter to me much. I just face the challenges the world puts ahead of me as best I can, with as little assistance as possible. So I don’t do easy mode, but I also refuse to wear glasses, take vitamins, and use traffic signals. I realize this style of play isn’t for everyone. That’s fine by me. I refuse to really engage with this matter any further, frankly. Again, this is really just a traffic thing.

Please, by all means though, don’t let that stop you from posting this article from a comedy website and let the world know what you think. Did the bonehead that wrote this do it with his head up his ass? Or does Hard Drive continue its unprecedented streak of never missing, not even one time? It’s time to let your voice be heard.

So I ask again: Do you think every game should have an easy mode? Or do you think it’s an idea so ridiculous that it’s worth sharing just to mock? It’s one or the other, and hopefully you’ve decided by now. 

Stay awesome, gamers!!