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Sci-Fi Factory Game Techtonica Lets Player Build Up Alien Planet Because, Let’s Be Real, Earth Is Long Dead in Anything Set More Than 20 Years From Now

BOSTON — Techtonica, a new science fiction video game by indie studio Fire Hose Games, sets the player in the caverns of an alien planet called Calyx, because, let’s be honest here for a second, it can’t take place on Earth if it’s gonna take place past the year 2043.

“When we decided we wanted to make a game set in the future, we knew right away it couldn’t be set on Earth,” said a representative from Fire Hose Games, sweltering in a record-high temperature. “We didn’t want to set the game before, I dunno, 2050. And if we did, that would mean the game would have to be a chaotic shooter that saw players murdering their neighbors in order to steal their drinking water. We wanted something a little more, you know, fun I guess? Something less contemporary.”

“That’s why our game is set on the alien planet of Calyx,” they continued. “Sure, there’s intrigue and darkness there too, but players get to build their own factories for once, instead of just toiling away at one that someone else built for their entire lives. That’s kind of the big sci-fi premise of Techtonica: hanging out on a habitable planet and having some control over how it functions. What a concept!”

Many gamers had favorable first impressions of the newly released Techtonica

“It’s a really gorgeous environment to set a game in,” said gamer Emma Conner. “And since they never politicized the weather on Calyx, it seems like it’s in good shape to hold up for a while. What a relaxing game. I like how you can explore the planet freely and there’s no time limit that makes me worry all the time, you know? Nothing’s underwater except the stuff that’s supposed to be. And since my town is currently beset by wildfires, I can just tell I’ll be playing this indoors with my air purifier all summer!” 

At press time, Bethesda announced that the next Fallout game would be set in Dallas in 2050.

This article is sponsored by Fire Hose Games! Check out Techtonica on Steam, it’s a first-person factory automation game set beneath the surface of an alien planet, and it even has co-op. But, you know, check it out sooner than later because who knows for how much longer electricity is gonna be a thing around here.

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