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Running Out of Wii U Titles, Nintendo Announces Switch Port of ‘Super Mario Odyssey’

REDMOND, Wash. — Having seemingly exhausted its supply of overlooked Wii U titles to bring to the Switch, Nintendo has announced plans to port 2017’s Super Mario Odyssey back to the platform later this year. 

“We’re so excited to bring one of the Switch’s biggest hits back to the Nintendo Switch,” said Nintendo of America President Doug Bowser today in a surprise Direct that announced the upcoming port, titled Super Super Mario Odyssey. “And let’s make no mistake here; we’re not changing a thing about this game. We’re just bringing it to the Switch is all. We know a lot people spent some of their formative years playing Odyssey five years ago, and we wanted to show them our thanks by giving them a new version to buy that stayed faithful to the original in literally every way. Also, if you’ve been meaning to check this game out for years, now you can just buy the new one when it comes out!”

Despite no significant changes being made to any aspect of the game, the announcement was met with mixed reactions among Nintendo fans. 

“As always, I don’t really understand what they’re thinking here,” said Lenny Maven, a lifelong Nintendo fan. “I’ve gotten used to them blurring the lines between their current and last systems, as well as rolling their big retro snowball along into a bigger weirder version every generation, but remaking games we all loved on the same platform from just a few years ago? I’m not going to pay for that! Most likely.” 

Others thought the move was in line with current trends in the gaming industry. 

“Honestly, it’ll be one of the best games of the year, what is there to be mad about?” asked games journalist Connor Myers about the upcoming port. “Where do we draw the line all these remasters and rereleases? If Grand Theft Auto V can be a high profile release on most of the PlayStations, then I don’t see why Nintendo can’t release Odyssey twice on the Switch. Fuck it. There’s no rules.” 

Super Super Mario Odyssey is expected to release this holiday season, and will also be featured in a bundle with the original Super Mario Odyssey, called Super Mario Odyssey All-Stars. As of press time, Nintendo had also hinted at a possible prequel to Nintendo’s upcoming Breath of the Wild 2.