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Rumored Xbox Handheld Also Rumored to Become PlayStation Handheld

The widely rumored Xbox Handheld will eventually become a PlayStation handheld after a brief period of exclusivity, sources who spoke on the condition of anonymity said.

Despite not yet being formally announced, inside sources claim that plans are already in place for the Xbox Handheld to eventually also be a PlayStation handheld.

“The idea right now is for the handheld to exclusively play Xbox games for about a year, maybe a little longer. After such time the device will then also be able to play PlayStation games,” said a Microsoft employee who wished to remain anonymous. “In this day and age, exclusivity doesn’t make sense for a handheld. Handheld players leave their homes frequently and exclusives are only really important for those who don’t.”

When asked about the handheld Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer couldn’t comment directly but did have this to say.

“Whether we may or may not be making a handheld I can’t say. What I can say is that Xbox is committed to all gamers regardless of which games you play or what devices you play on. We are so much more than just one device, we’re an ecosystem and we are committed to indoctrinating as many people as possible into that ecosystem. Whether you play our 3 games or PlayStation’s 5 games.”

Xbox fans were not pleased upon hearing the handheld will also eventually play PlayStation games.

“I was really looking forward to an Xbox handheld but not anymore,” said Xbox console war veteran Jim Stotch in a Reddit thread. “For this to play Xbox games and PlayStation games is a slap in the face to all the loyal Xbox fans who stuck with the brand through all the troubled times. I feel betrayed. This is the worst thing that’s ever happened to me.” 

PlayStation fans aren’t thrilled either.

“It’s an insult for our beautiful, sexy games to be played on an Xbox device,” said PlayStation console war veteran Mark Pepper in a different Reddit thread. “I’ll stick with my Playstation Portal and remain in my mom’s house thank you very much”

At press time, gamers interested in a handheld that plays Xbox and PlayStation games have been buying Steam Decks.

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