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Rumor Mill: Is Luigi Really Coming to Mortal Kombat? (The Answer is No)

Ever since we started wildly speculating last week that we thought it would be really cool if they put Luigi in the new Mortal Kombat game, the rumor mill is BUZZING with talk about whether or not they’ll actually do it. So, what’s the verdict? Have Ed Boon and company decided to go ahead and pull the trigger on Luigi, or has everyone more or less dismissed the idea as merely more malarky from the bullshitters at Hard Drive? It’s the second one, but let’s talk a little bit about it!

Now, while Hard Drive first broke the “story” last week, (when I had a deadline approaching and realized I hadn’t written anything about the new Mortal Kombat game yet) many others have been reporting on it since, lending the story a validity it wouldn’t have had otherwise. IGN called the story a “sick, sick display from what was once an actually pretty funny website,” and Polygon said, “The guys at Hard Drive won’t stop emailing us about Luigi.”

I don’t love what they said in all of their articles, but the takeaway was clear: the people were excited about this Luigi business. Is it really so different from Smash Bros or something? I mean come on, he’s got fighting game moves already!

Sadly, I think even if they decided they did want to put Luigi in the new Mortal Kombat, it might be too late to get it into the game. Maybe it can be DLC later. This is why I will still continue to linger around Ed Boon’s offices and favorite places to get lunch and try to intimidate him into doing it. Or maybe I’ll disguise myself and just talk loudly about how cool I think Luigi is when I’m near him. I haven’t decided yet.

Look, the important thing is that while this Luigi rumor is completely unfounded, started exclusively by me one day on a whim, and not really feasible in any way, we will continue to report on it as the story unfolds. I have like, nothing else going on.

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