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Report: PS3 Box Okay to Throw Out

YOUR HOUSE — A new report commissioned by Sony states that the PS3 box you’ve been keeping in your closet since 2007, right next to that hoodie you no longer wear, is okay to throw out.

“The PS3 console, as well as the box it came in, was not intended to last more than three years before being traded in or thrown out,” stated Sony CEO, Kenichiro Yoshida. “Now we have more PS3 boxes on the streets than ever before. In the coming months we will begin rolling out our buyback program to ensure every PS3 box is destroyed. There’s no reason to hold onto the past like that. The fans need to move on.”

Gamers worldwide have preserved their PS3 boxes for a myriad of reasons including maintaining potential resale value, collecting user manuals and wires, propping open doors, squishing bugs, or having something to give your weird cousin when you forget his birthday. 

“This box is a piece of history,” reported one gamer, Cedric Holmes, who refuses to throw away his PS3 box. “This box has been such a big part of my life for over a decade. It has been a constant reminder of better times. Times when you could play Tony Hawk’s Project 8 all night long and when my parents were still married.”

The current resale value of a working PS3 hovers around $100. With the original packaging, two controllers, and half a dozen games, that amount skyrockets to $110. 

“The true value of a video game console lies not in the original packaging, but in the product’s working condition,” stated Regina Nash, an Antiques Roadshow appraiser, who specializes in electronics. “I can promise any gamer out there who might be hesitant about throwing away their PS3 box; in no way will the resale value be diminished.”

Nash, who is also a gamer, revealed that she too has kept her PS3 box in temperature-regulated storage all these years, “I didn’t spend $600 on this box to just throw it away 14 years later.”

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Photo via Michel Ngilen.

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