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Best Armor in Game Looks Even Dumber Than Expected

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – A local gamer recently found out that the best armor in the game looks even dumber than expected, sources sick of this always happening confirmed. 

“I can’t believe it,” said Alexis Morgan, gamer. “I genuinely can’t believe it. I’ve been playing this game nonstop for days, and I’m rewarded with this? I had to go through so much to get this legendary armor, the best armor in the game, and it looks like a bunch of trash glued together. I spent hours in the character customization menu. I can’t let my character walk around like this!”

All additional online players, as well as some NPCs, agreed the armor really didn’t look great. 

“It’s bad. Like really bad,” added Jordan Ramirez, another gamer who saw the first time the armor was equipped. “The worst part is, you absolutely have to use it to get through the final part of the game. Otherwise you’ll be dealing with critical hits, stuns, and poison the entire time.  The best looking armor in the game is the iron armor. Iron! It’s like the developer was playing some sort of sick joke.”

The game developers commented on the armor and defended the stylistic choices.

“Who said Goliath’s Crown of Death is ugly?” the lead character designer, James Travis,. “That thing is mega epic. Did they not realize the lore about how it was found in the pit of the devil’s stomach? Years and years of bile ate away at it, removing all color and shape. What’s cooler than that?”

As of press time Morgan was seen strolling through town to see if the game had some mechanism for changing the appearance of an item without losing the stats. 

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