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Reflecting on the PS5, Two Years In: We Bet It’s Pretty Nice

Sony’s PlayStation 5 console will be celebrating its second anniversary on November 20th, and we thought that this would be a perfect time to look back on our impressions of this system now that it’s about to celebrate its second birthday. Two years later, and I think we can all agree: we’d still really like to be able to play one and it’s probably pretty fun. 

Returnal. Demon’s Souls. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. Two years later and we still bet these games are all really neat! We’ve watched some streams of people playing them, and man, it’d be really wild to be able to take them for a spin one day. Oh well. Maybe when PlayStation 6 comes out they can do some kind of a thing where you can find a PlayStation 5. That would be a really cool promotion. 

One of the major advancements in gaming during this generation has undoubtedly been streaming. XBox got out ahead of the rest of the pack with its impeccable Game Pass service, which continues to be an affordable showcase of the best of both AAA and independent games. To combat that, we heard that Sony did something to PS Plus. They have old games on there now or something. Gotta say, sounds fuckin’ neat. That’s all I can tell you about it though, really. Ape Escape might be on there. I’m not really sure! 

The PlayStation 5 also reportedly has like, these really sweet controllers. I guess they give feedback and stuff. Andy told me that if you talk into one it’ll do whatever you ask it, but I realize now after telling several people about that feature and having them mock me mercilessly that Andy was just pulling my leg. Screw you Andy, I’m writing it anyway, I have space to fill in this column. 

So it has really cool controllers, but apparently they don’t literally do whatever you tell them. That’s fine. I think Xbox is the same way. Kind of a tie there, really. 

In conclusion, after two years, I think we can all agree that Sony PlayStation 5 technically came out, and we all know one or two people that have one. Honestly, good for them. Meanwhile the rest of us will be crossing our fingers that we get to play Ghostwire: Tokyo before 2024 rolls around!