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Recession Hits Mushroom Kingdom With 100 Coins Now Only Buying .5-Ups

MUSHROOM KINGDOM – The gold coin doesn’t stretch nearly as far as it used to. Middle Class Toadstools and plumbers are struggling to afford their everyday necessities, including 1-Ups, which are now nearing a record high price of 100 coins for only .5-Ups. One of the kingdom’s top financial minds, Toadstool Economist, talked us through some of their latest findings.

“The pricing of these goods was always trending up. The problem is Nintendo,” said Toadstool Economist. “While the buying power of the coin dropped, Nintendo kept adding more and more coins to each level. This is fine early on, but once there are too many coins in circulation, inflation can decimate the middle class of the Kingdom.”

A recent survey found that three-quarters of middle-income Mushroom Kingdomonians said their earnings aren’t enough to make it into later stages of games.

“Many are cutting back on leisure expenses such as golf, tennis, and stealing stars at parties,” Toadstool Economist continued. “We hope the Olympics will pump some money back into the local economy, but that is just a short term solution for these long term problems.”

Toadstool Economist also shared some tips for those feeling the pinch in their coin purse.

“Skip a kart tune-up, throw less parties, maybe have a staycation instead of venturing out to Isle Delfino,” Toadstool economist shared. “But ultimately you’ll need to increase your collection of coins to keep up with rising prices.”

At press time several citizens were reportedly considering eating mini mushrooms to shrink themselves and save on monthly food costs.

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