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Ranking Every Keyblade in Kingdom Hearts 1.5 By How Easily You Could Sneak Them into Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World Resort has a pretty strict policy about weapons in their parks. They’re theme parks not a warzone, at least that’s what security always tells me.

However I believe there is one type of weapon that should be allowed in the parks: Keyblades.

Although I’ve seen some brave renegades sneak some into the part on TikTok, it is strictly prohibited to bring any weapon-like object into the parks. Even if it’s literally Disney branded with Mickey ears hanging on the chain.

And while most keyblades do appear to be weapons, some could potentially pass for something else if one really put some effort into it. Today we rank all 18 Keyblades in Kingdom Hearts 1.5 by how easily you could sneak them into Walt Disney World.

Except for Riku’s because you don’t get to use it and come on, this thing is evil and clearly a potential murder weapon.

Ok! Let’s get started.

18. Lionheart

You stand no chance getting this one past security. It’s shiny and metal and has a big sharp scary lion head on the end of it! At least they’ll probably tell you how sick it looks when they confiscate it.

17. Ultima Weapon

Oh this ain’t happening either, just look at it! It’s got so many sharp edges and it’s definitely one of the longer ones on this list so that makes it harder to hide. Plus the time you would need to spend gathering all the materials to craft this bad boy you’d be better off in getting in line for Guardians of The Galaxy Rewind

16. One Winged Angel

Not only does this one contain some sharp edges on the end but it’s also right orange and yellow! It’ll stand out just as much as that florida sun above you. Also it looks like fire which people don’t love in crowds.

15. Oblivion

This thing could really do some damage in the hands of a small child on a sugar rush after eating 3 mickey mouse ice cream sandwiches. It looks so intimidating too, no wonder it’s such a fan favorite.

14. Oathkeeper

Some may wonder why Oathkeeper is above Oblivion and I think it has a lot to do with how intimidating Oblivion is. Oathkeeper at least looks bright and somewhat holy even. That being said this thing has a lot of sharp points and would absolutely destroy a drunken bachelorette party at EPCOT in no time.

13. Jungle King

While this one doesn’t seem as deadly as some of the others it appears to be made of bones. I don’t think there’s any way you could get exposed bones, human or otherwise into a Disney park. If you do though let me know, I’d be curious for definitely legal reasons.

12. Spellbinder

The Spellbinder is bright blue and has a weird curved sharp edge to it, I don’t like your chances. Maybe if you could find your way into the service entrance and can convince them this is some sort of special wrench or something. At that point though you may as well hack and slash your way through.

11. Three Wishes

This one might as well be a Khopesh, a clear and obvious weapon anyone could spot. BUT! It does have a genie lamp on the keychain. So on the off chance that it works and you can rub it for three actual wishes this one ranks a little bit higher. Though I may advise using your wishes for something better than just sneaking a toy weapon into Disney World.

10. Kingdom Key

It’s just too iconic! People are going to spot it and know exactly what you have. Even if they didn’t recognize it from Kingdom Hearts, they will absolutely recognize it as exhibit A in court after you pick a fight with a stubborn disney daddy and get yourself an assault with a deadly weapon charge. You could probably beat the rap though if you could argue they were a Heartless.

9. Diamond Dust

Not much better here as you can see plenty of pointy bits all over this one. However if you’re charming enough perhaps you could convince someone this was just some sort of harmless Frozen paraphernalia. Like Elsa’s secret magic wand or something, you have to get creative with some of these.

8. Pumpkinhead

This one could work well if you were in like an all black suit and you sorta just held it tight against you. Really you’re just going to camouflage it with the rest of your ensemble. It’s possible if you fully went for a Jack Skellington Disney bound look with big stilts you could hide this one in your pants too.

7. Olympia

Does this even look like a weapon? No way! The only issue here is that I don’t know what you can make a case for with this one, but it’s not as sharp or scary looking as some of our previous entries. It’s also Hercules branded which is an interesting choice. Maybe if you tuck one of your legs into your pants you could pretend it was a prosthetic leg?

6. Wishing Star

This is just a big pizza cutter and you’re late for your shift at Pizza Rizzo. Easy.

5. Metal Chocobo

Cars are getting weird now, some don’t even have keys! For this one we’re going to pretend not only does your car have a key but it’s got a really big one and you’re really sorry to bring it into the park but what else can you do! You need to drive home eventually! It’s not as good an example as Riku’s latest keyblade but it could pass if you added one of those little hand sanitizer holders and those stretching plastic loopy things to the end.

4. Lady Luck

We have a clear playing card theme to this one, we can work with that. If you disguise this one by adding a bunch of other playing cards all around it, maybe you can claim you’re just doing some healthy gambling with the country bears.

3. Crabclaw

I’m not familiar with the pet policy at Walt Disney World but perhaps this is just your emotional support crab.

2. Fairy Harp

You’re just going into the parks to play a little music! Doing a little show at EPCOT’s Food and Wine Festival maybe? If you don’t get this harp into the park your bosses are going to be pissed, security isn’t going to ruin everyone’s day by stopping Sugar Ray’s harp player at the gate are they?

1. Divine Rose

So this one I think you could get in no problem. I mean it’s just got a big flower on it ya know? Maybe you’re just making a romantic gesture to your partner in the France pavilion at EPCOT. You could even wrap some plastic around it and add some other flowers to make it more convincing. With a little bit of effort you could get the Divine Rose into the parks no problem and that’s why it comes in at #1 on this list.

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