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Raccoon City Police Union Secures Paid Suspension for Zombified Officers

RACCOON CITY — As the deadly T-Virus outbreak ravages Arklay County, sources confirm the Police Benevolent Association of Raccoon City has officially secured paid suspension for all of its zombified officers.

Chief of Police and lead Union representative Brian Irons held a press conference announcing the news.

“Undead or alive, we back the blue,” said Irons. “Until we figure out what the hell is going on, my officers deserve to be appropriately compensated for their protection and service to the people of Raccoon City. Even if they are under the influence of this so-called virus, that will not affect their ability to serve and protect. Rest assured Raccoon City is in good hands and we will all get through this.” 

Members of the Raccoon City Police Department, many of which are still trapped inside the shockingly ornate Ennerdale Street Station, have expressed gratitude for Union support during this trying time. 

“Raaaaah, eugh rah gaaaaaaah! Hiss! Blahugh gah gah,” said the top half of Officer Elliot Edwards while crawling towards our field reporter. “Wuablablah eeeeeeeeek eeeeeek eughah! AHHHHHHHHHHH! Rawr,” Edwards continued before we lost all contact with the inside of the Raccoon City Police Department.

Response to this decision has been mixed, with many survivors outside of the R.P.D. expressing concern over giving continued funding to mindless, cannibalistic husks of former police officers. 

“Are you kidding me? I don’t think this city has its priorities straight right now,” said college student Claire Redfield. “I’ve seen these cops brutally murder innocent people with no justification whatsoever, and that was before the virus outbreak! It’s obvious that R.P.D has something to hide, even if that means paying off zombie cops to do it.”

At press time, the Umbrella Corporation USA released an official statement supporting the Police Benevolent Association of Raccoon City’s decision, praising Chief Irons for his swift response to this unavoidable and completely blameless tragedy.

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