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Price of Old Nintendo Game Plummets to $57

KYOTO, Japan — Nintendo is now offering a special deal to their customers for their loyalty over the years, by dropping the price of one of their 2014 titles to a mere $57 retail.

“We figured that the game had been out long enough that it was time to give a cheaper option to our fanbase,” Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser said. “Nintendo will definitely feel that three dollar drop on our net profits this year, but it is worth it to do a magnanimous act for the players. Besides the money and the fame, they are the reason we do this.”

Nintendo fans have flocked to this unprecedented deal while supplies last.

“I’ve never seen Nintendo do anything like this, so I went and bought another copy while I could,” Nintendo fan George Craighead said. “It’s really compassionate of [Nintendo] to offer an alternative option for people like me who love gaming but can’t afford expensive triple A titles at launch. I remember buying the first Super Mario Galaxy for $58.99 on Black Friday last year, what a rush!”

Market Analyst Mark Summers said this giant price decrease was the largest in Nintendo history.

“This is a once in a lifetime event for Nintendo fans,” Summers said. “This kind of market crash is a crazy gambit for such a large company, but I worry this may have a snowball effect on other titles. Rumor has it that when Mario Kart 9 releases, the previous game may drop to as low as $40 three years later. I’m a bit shocked Nintendo thinks they can financially survive such a generous offer. Honestly, they might go under.”

At press time, Nintendo fans claimed they would use the three dollars they saved on the Nintendo game to buy six games from the newest steam sale.

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