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Why I’m Never Buying Another Pokémon Game Ever Again Until the Next One

I’m a diehard Pokémon fan. Not to exaggerate, but I’m probably the biggest fan ever if I’m being honest. When a new Pokémon-anything comes out, I’m there and pre-ordered it six months ago. However, following the last Pokémon release, I don’t think I can support this company anymore until they release another game.

I haven’t played a more buggy, glitch-ridden, sad excuse for a Pokémon game since the last one came out. Frankly, the only reason I tried this one out was because it looked like they had learned the lessons of their disastrous last release. I think I can only give them one, maybe three more chances before I think about maybe possibly not buying another Pokémon game.

On top of the mess the base game was, they had the gall to release equally disappointing DLC that absolutely was not worth the rest I lost when I stayed up all night playing it. I can’t believe they’re releasing another ‘expansion’ for this. When that ‘expansion’ releases, that will probably be the last time I pull out my wallet for this game unless they announce more DLC, in which case I’ll buy that too, but I’ll do it begrudgingly. I swear to god. 

Worst of all, this new game didn’t even have my favorite Pokémon in it. I understand that not all Pokémon are included in each generation to lighten the load on developers while creating the game, and I was fine with that until they took MY favorite out. I don’t give a shit if there’s 100 new ones; frankly asking me to try anything new in a Pokémon game goes against the spirit of the franchise.

This last release was clearly a rushed, shambled together project held together with nothing but duct tape and Pikachu’s face. However, I’m sure the next game will have no problems at all and will perfectly recapture the magic of when I was 12. If it doesn’t though, I’m never buying another Pokémon game ever again until the one after that. I’m serious.