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PlayStation Showcase Features Exclusive First Look at Hottest Games of 2021 Showcase

SAN DIEGO — Sony will hold a PlayStation Showcase this afternoon, and where the company is expected to preview some of the most exciting games it last featured at their 2021 Showcase, sources have confirmed. 

“Ooh man, I hope they tease something about Wolverine, again,” said local gamer Troy Dalton. “Or maybe a cryptic couple of seconds from the Knights of the Old Republic remake. That last one was enough to hold me over for a year, but enough already! I am gonna have to see some cutscenes that in no way inform me of the gameplay if I’m expected to remain excited about PlayStation’s upcoming slate of releases.” 

Executives at Sony defended themselves against accusations of stringing gamers along for years.

“Some people might call it a second look. But we like to think of it as an exclusive first look again,” said PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan. “Here at Sony, we believe that a video game doesn’t start when you have a controller in your hand pressing the X button to start a new save file. Video games begin with something called ‘hype,’ and it’s extremely important to the life cycle of a game to build that hype across several showcases and many years with little previews that ultimately have nothing to do with the final product.”

“I think people are really going to get excited about Spider-Man 2,” he added. “Everyone loved the 2004 Spider-Man 2 movie, for example. But then they hated the Spider-Man 2 that came out in 2014. Internally, we called that Spider-Man 2 2. I guess they thought the 2019 Spider-Man 2 was OK, though. And hey, we have a fourth Spider-Man 2 movie coming out June 2nd. But that’s a different Spider-Man 2 from the game.”

As of press time, Stellar Blade, the long awaited project formerly known as Project Eve, has changed its name to something even more generic.

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