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Player Who Just Rolled 3rd Natural 1 About to Find Out How Vengeful DM Is

After playing together for over half a year, one D&D party is reportedly worried it all may come to an end after their last fateful session. Their Dungeon Master decided to call it early after seeing a player roll 3 natural 1s in a row, according to players’ social media.

“On one hand we know our DM, Gary, has put a ton of work into this campaign so we’re kinda hoping that they’ll show me some mercy,” said Mac, the player who rolled the 3 nat 1s. “But on the other hand, in a previous session we may have derailed their story a tad by accidentally setting a major NPC on fire after mistaking them for an enemy. So there is a slight chance they might be holding a bit of a grudge.”

Other players from the table were also quick to share their thoughts on both Mac and what may become of their character.

“He said to just ‘leave it to me, I have +12 to this roll, how bad could it possibly be?’ Well apparently we’re all going to have to find out now,” said another player from the table Sam. “I mean seriously 3 times in a row, I don’t know what deity Mac pissed off but I wish they wouldn’t drag us down with them. All he had to do was tell one lie to a couple of guards and everything would’ve been fine. I mean he’s a bard and we even gave him guidance and the help action for advantage. The DM even gave him a free reroll on one after seeing the first two 1s!”

“Mac’s character, ‘Brahn Lockman the Hero of Thunderdale’, was usually the one who got the best rolls in our party, this was just unfortunate…”, added another player from the table, Mark. “I mean he spent weeks making this character to ensure he could get the most out of it. But he was already hurt from the previous fight and given the way the DM was grinning maliciously I am less than hopeful.”

The DM also said something on the matter to alleviate the worries of most of their players.

“After those 3 pitiful rolls in a row I thought it best to end the session there to spend the next week brainstorming a truly worthy outcome. But don’t worry too much, the only one close to the NPC was Mac, the rest of the party should be completely safe. Also I just want to say that I don’t hold any grudges against players for what they’ve done in the past.

“I may use it to help set up future encounters though, such as the grieving widow of the NPC they burned alive hunting them on a personal quest for vengeance. These actions have consequences, and I am but a humble storyteller. Next time I bet they’ll think before depriving 3 small children of growing up with a father. Now when it comes to deceiving some guards a few bad rolls may not be so bad, but perhaps the guy they set ablaze was a friend of theirs. Just an idea.”

At press time, the campaign seems to be continuing. Meanwhile, Mac has been reported to have begun playing a new character, Brahn Lockman Jr.

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