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Persona 5 Fan Thrilled to Buy ‘Persona 5 Tactica’ at Launch and Again When It Gets a Rerelease

SACRAMENTO — One avid Persona 5 fan was so excited for the recent release of spinoff Persona 5 Tactica that she had set money aside not just for the game, but also the inevitable re-releases in years to come.

“Tactica is going to be instrumental in adding lore to the world of Persona, most likely in the form of cliffhangers that will be answered in a remaster. I just know the game’s going to be great, and it’s going to get even better in 2025 when they add an extra playable character for $70,” said diehard Persona 5 fan Eden Cress. 

“There’s so much Persona 5 content out there to buy! You have the original game, Royal, Tactica, Scramble, Dancing, even Math and Soccer. And in a year or two the Switch successor is gonna drop, and I’m going to be able to buy every single one of those again!”

As Persona releases get closer and closer together, those close to Cress have expressed worries about her financial security.

“All the money she spends on buying the newest Persona 5 game is cutting into some of the things she holds dearly, like buying other Persona content. If she puts all this money away for the re-release in a year, she might not have the money right now to buy the Kasumi DLC,” said Ken Armstrong, Cress’ Hierophant social link.

“Besides, these are games that can take a hundred hours to beat and she’s been buying one every week. I just can’t see her having any time to play them, and trust me – The last thing the Persona community needs is a fan who hasn’t played the games.”

Josh Liles, Head of Public Relations at ATLUS West, sees the fan’s dedication as a sign that the company is on the right track, as he made clear in a video posted to the company’s social media several hours before it was supposed to.

“We’re very pleased that fans like Eden around the world are coming out in droves for this game’s re-releases. At ATLUS, we strive to make sure that all of our series have a lasting appeal, being not only re-playable but re-payable as well. We hope that when we’re able to put out an updated version of Tactica, it’ll feel just like you’re buying the game for the first time again,” said Liles.

“This may be early to announce, but we’ve actually been hard at work on Persona 6. The game is still years away because we just keep pumping it full of new features to add in another version down the line. Our biggest idea yet is to make the ‘6’ in the title actually represent having to buy the game for six different consoles to get the full story. With that story difference, each version can then be ported to the other consoles for full price. Fans will never see it coming.”

After picking up her copy of Tactica from GameStop, Cress expressed excitement to finally play her first Persona Game.

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