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Palworld Surpasses 1.5 Million Concurrent Online Arguments

Palworld, an ARK-like survival crafting game with Pokemon-like characters, made gaming history today according to SteamDB, surpassing 1.5 million active concurrent online arguments about it.

One user, who has logged 40 hours in the game, explained their side of the argument.

“Wow! 1.5 million. It’s exciting to be part of this moment in gaming history,” JnnyBravo said. “Now if only I could convince these Disney Adult scolds to see stealing from a megacorp like Game Freak isn’t something worth defending online. Maybe then I could celebrate the moment.”

His combatant, Kakashi69, defended their viewpoint in the public debate.

“The eyes on these Palworld characters are the exact same as the Pokemon. The exact same. I want to see what JnnyBravo’s eyes look like in real life if he can’t see that,” Kakashisix9 said. “I can smell the fact this guy owns NFTs.”

According to reports, JnnyBravo provided a list of games which borrowed heavily from other popular titles without enduring the same level of criticism, while Kakashisix9 provided a list of evidence that Palworld execs have embraced AI-generated assets in the past. As of publication, it was confirmed neither side read the other’s list.

“I think if you play it on game pass and don’t tweet about it, that’s OK,” said a third user who was universally condemned by both sides. “I haven’t even played the game but the online drama has replaced my reality TV show time.”

As of press time both online combatants reported being able to remove the power supplies of their gaming rigs, running them on pure righteousness instead.

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