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Palworld Execs Brace for Hbomberguy Video

Palworld, an ARK-like game described as Pokemon with guns, has seen concurrent player numbers swell into record-breaking territory this week. But according to execs behind the game the team is not celebrating, choosing rather to spend the time preparing for an attack from their most feared enemy: Hbomberguy.

Developer Pocket Pair is aware that it’s only a matter of time before Hbomberguy sets his sights on Palworld for a video. Palworld execs say that when that day comes, they’ll be ready.

“As soon as we finalized our Pal designs we immediately began working on a defense for whatever video Hbomberguy may make about us. We have an excuse ready to go for any accusation he may make over a four or five hour video,” the executive team said in an emailed statement.

Lead designer Ashley Catchem says that planning for whatever Hbombomberguy may say might have given Hbomberguy even more cause to make a video.

“It’s actually a double-edged sword because we spent so much time figuring out how to respond when Hbomberguy makes a video about us copying designs that we had to copy even more designs to save time,” she said.

Some employees think they should actually be bracing themselves for Nintendo instead.

“If anyone is gonna come after us it’s Nintendo. I mean they’ve even gone after fan projects, what are they gonna do when they see the same fan art they went after in our game?” said character artist Pierre Despereaux.

When asked why defending against Hbomberguy was prioritized over Nintendo the executive team replied, “Nintendo can’t prove anything, we have plausible deniability. Hbomberguy though, can get the people against us and that’s far more damaging. What’s the point of stealing if you can’t profit.”

At press time Pocket Pair says that should Nintendo’s legal team also get involved they have lawyers equal to Nintendo’s but with guns.

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