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Blizzard Announces Overwatch 2 Will Switch to 4v4 Format Due to Only Having 8 Players Left

SANTA MONICA, CA – Activision-Blizzard has announced that Overwatch 2 matches will be converting to a 4v4 format due to there only being eight active Overwatch 2 players remaining, according to a company press release.

Craig Brentmen, a spokesman for Overwatch 2, commented on the dismal player count.

“Seeing the numbers for the first time was kind of baffling,” Brentmen said. “Last time we checked it was at least a dozen!”

Prior to this change the studio had faced backlash for the switch to 5v5, but assured the public that the switch back to 4v4 would be well received. “It’s a big step up from having to pay two employees to queue up so a match could start,” Brentmen said. “Now we can direct more of our resources towards improving the battle pass for our several remaining fans.”

Much of the Overwatch 2 community were reportedly unhappy with the battle pass, saying the focus on in-game monetization drove them to other games. Former professional Overwatch 2 player GJGaming offered their perspective on the floundering hero shooter.

“I was willing to put up with it at first when they locked some heroes behind the battle pass,” GJGaming said. “but when they added the ‘Pay Us $10 or You’ll Never See Your Son Again’ tier at that point I was out.”

The remaining eight players offered their own comments on the current state of the game.

“They should have gone with my 4v3v1 idea.”


“Nerf Mercy.”

“I should have stuck with TF2.”

“Wait, this is Overwatch 2? But nothing’s different!”

“No me importa, elimina role queue.”

“The eighth guy is actually my smurf.”


At press time the smurf account had received a permanent ban and Activision-Blizzard had replaced them with a bot.

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