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Blast From the Past: Remember Overwatch 2?

We here at Hard Drive like to take a break from skewering the day’s events once in a while to reflect on a bygone classic from gaming’s past. Please join us today as we take a look at Overwatch 2, a game that may be all but forgotten today, but was actually one of the highest anticipated releases of 2022 if you can believe it. 

Before Blizzard backtracked on its most significant promises and buried its stellar predecessor in the dirt, Overwatch 2 started as merely an idea: What if we just fucked everything right up? 

It was an ambitious idea, but one that the renowned team at Blizzard felt up for. 

“We were a little intimidated at first,” said Blizzard Entertainment president Mike Ybarra. “We’ve never quite fucked something up quite to this level before. Other things here and there, sure. That whole mobile Diablo thing for example. But never once have we fumbled an out of the gate franchise so quickly into its life. After some intense discussions, we decided to proceed with the vision.” 

Thus began an involved development strategy that involved false promises and moving goal posts, a production cycle meant to disorient the average Overwatch as much as possible. 

“Somewhere along the way we realized none of us could remember why we’d decided to botch this whole thing so badly,” said Overwatch 2 director Aaron Keller. “But by that point we were already had everyone in their teams and they all had their goals and whatnot, so we just did our jobs and did the worst that we could everyday.”

Despite being a disappointing release using any possible metric you could think of, Blizzard is optimistic that Overwatch 2 isn’t last we’ve seen of the hero shooter franchise.  

Overwatch 3 will come out one day,” said Keller.  “And I promise it will do everything we said Overwatch 2 would. Straight up. Keep your eyes peeled.” 

Wow, you heard it here first folks. We can’t wait for Overwatch 3