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Outraged Battlefield Fans Demand Historically Accurate 64 vs 64 Matches

STOCKHOLM, Sweden — DICE horrified Battlefield fans yesterday when the debut trailer for the latest installment of its flagship franchise prominently featured a British female combat soldier.  This has inspired fans to openly demand future installments of the shooter franchise adhere to strict era specific accuracy.

“Cool, women in World War 2. Cuz that’s realistic,” said Twitter user @ImAlreadyDeadpool.  “I mean yeah, there were women in the armed forces, but get the fuck out of here with that British front line bullshit. So stupid. If I find out they tinkered with how many tickets a team gets in Rush then I’m gonna be even more pissed.”

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The series, which featured a jetpack in its original World War 2 entry, 2002’s Battlefield 1942, will feature returning game modes such as Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Conquest, a signature Battlefield mode where players wrestle control of spots on the map until one team of soldiers reaches the predetermined high score.

Additionally, following a year of public outcry from gamers, DICE has announced plans to do away with controversial and costly add-ons like loot crates and premium editions of the title.  

“Yeah, I mean, I hate all that shit,”@ImAlreadyDeadpool continued. “But there’s one thing gamers care about more than getting ripped off: historical accuracy. Every single time a soldier in World War 2 jumped onto a flying plane, killed the person flying it, and flew the plane away themselves… everyone involved was a MAN. So please stop shoving POLITICS down our throats.”

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