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Opinion: PS5 and Xbox Series X Are Too Old to Be Our Console War Candidates

We have a huge problem with the console war this year. It’s 2024 and our two main candidates to fight for are both far too old. Both of the current candidates were released in 2020, which was four years ago and even then it was a stretch to say that they were at the cutting edge of video game technology.

The PS5 is officially in the late stage of its lifespan, according to Sony. Is that worth a console worth trolling strangers for? A console that could break down at any minute. A console that could end with its only major exclusives being remakes of remakes? That’s the console to cyberbully people over? Having the PS5 as the console being fought for in 2024 is courting disaster. There are already reports that PS5s are claiming to have downloaded Jak & Daxter despite that series being dead for years. PS5 needs Xbox games to come to it half the time to have a decent library. How are Playstation fanboys supposed to insult Xbox owners when they’re playing Xbox games?

The Xbox Series X isn’t a good candidate either. While it hasn’t been officially confirmed to be in the latter half of its lifespan, it’s not far behind. The Xbox Series X is so old that Xbox fanboys are still using Halo as ammunition against Playstation owners. They deserve better than that. The longer the Series X remains the candidate for the Xbox side, the longer gamers have to hear about Starfield from both sides.

Gamers deserve better than to have these two geriatric consoles as the ones they are forced to fight over. It’s time for newer consoles to take the stage. Ones that are in touch with the sensibilities of the current generation of gamers. Ones that are worth sending death threats over. More importantly than that, gamers deserve console war candidates that have games.

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