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Opinion: GTA Exposed My Son to Unrealistic Portrayals of Quick and Affordable Hospital Visits

Recently I vowed to be a more present father during the weekends I have with my kid, and I was shocked to discover some of the things in the games he’s playing.  Did you know there’s one called Grand Theft Auto that’s teaching a generation that they will have quick and affordable hospital visits should they need them? Sadly, that is only one of the grossly unrealistic scenarios put forth by this awful game.

I sat down with my son when he started playing, and I quickly realized the offensive ideas this thing is teaching our children.  He was able to get a gun almost immediately, something I have no problem with, and after murdering several people that were probably bad guys he was badly injured in a misunderstanding with police.

This is where it gets troubling. The next thing I knew my son was leaving a hospital the next morning. For a reasonable one time payment he was back in peak physical condition; no lingering injuries, no inescapable debt. This is an outrage! I’m trying to teach my kid about the real world, and this sick, twisted game is NOT helping.

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His character left the hospital after that and took a cab to meet up with his friends to plan something. Sound normal? WRONG. This taxi halfway across the city only cost four dollars! And don’t even get me started on the cab ride. There was no traffic or construction at all!  No waiting in stand still traffic while you have to urinate, staring at an empty cup wondering what was the worst that could happen.

That’s still not even the worst of it.  After committing only one crime he could afford a house. One crime! A house! No credit check. No twenty percent down. No “I’m sorry we can’t give you this loan, there’s a warrant out for your arrest for not paying child support.”  None of the real life trials and tribulations that mold you into a responsible adult, like myself.

Pride.  Value.  Self respect.  My father instilled these great qualities in me, and I’m afraid Grand Theft Auto is making it impossible for my little shithead kid to be turn out like his old man.

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