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Op-Ed: Mom, I Can’t Pause Online Game Discourse

I hear you, Mom, but I can’t come downstairs for my macaroni and cheese dinner right now. If I leave this online gaming discourse my team is going to lose. And if we lose, that’s the end of gaming as we know it.

My team needs me to play support. While they’re on the attack, beating down the other team, I’m researching. I’m feeding their talking-points with tangentially related stats from all corners of the web. I set them up, they knock them down.

Mashed potatoes? I don’t have time for fact checking, do you really think I have time for mashed potatoes, mom?

We’re on the defensive. The opposition is pushing hard on us. They’re flanking from all angles. We can’t be ourselves anywhere. We’re backed into a corner on X, and 4Chan, and Reddit, and Facebook. We fight on those fronts, posting and reposting for a better future. For the future of the generations to come.

Mountain Dew Major Melon? Leave it on my desk and let me work, mom.

A new post on r/KotakuinAction is up. Had to share my thoughts on a recent thinkpiece from a YouTuber I’ve never disagreed with. Slid into the DMs of a buddy who was recently ratioed on X.

This is my generation’s World War 2. You always told me it was important to fight for what I believe in, right? Well, that’s what I’m doing right now. The other side is afraid of us. They know what we are capable of. We are fighting for a future where there is a market for people like us: people who spend all day online arguing. Our cause is true and just. And that’s why we will win.

There’s simply no time for dinner. Only winners eat and I’m hungry for victory, mom.

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