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Officially a Gamer: Mom’s Face Registers a Flicker of Recognition at the Word ‘Nintendo’

ST. LOUIS — Another gamer has just joined the ranks now that local mom Helen Schmidtt registered a flicked of recognition when her son said the word “Nintendo.” 

“I said ‘Nintendo’ and for a brief, fleeting instant her face lit up, as if she remembered hearing that word before. It’s official boys: she’s one of us,” said Helen’s son Elliot Schmidtt. “After years of explaining to her in intimate detail every aspect of all the games I play, she now knows that not only is Nintendo a gaming thing, but they’re the people who do Mario. I can’t express my joy that I can finally connect with my mom on a gaming level.”

According to those familiar with the situation, Helen Schmidtt is excited to finally become a real gamer.

“Yes, Nintendo. That’s what’s on the little screen that Elliot’s always playing. The thing, the little box, oh I know this, the Switch!” Helen Schmidtt told reporters. “I see Elliot playing his little games and it’s very nice. Sometimes he makes me play with him, but I’m not very good. Sometimes he says things like ‘Ness’ or ‘Valorant’ and I just smile and nod. But when we talk about Mario, I can finally say something. I like that cute little guy, I think he’s funny and I think he’s nice.”

Legendary Nintendo game designer Shigeru Miyamoto said he was humbled by Helen’s extensive knowledge of his craft.

“I’m glad to hear of Mrs. Schmidtt’s initiation into our fold,” Miyamoto said. “Many mothers and fathers take decades to recognize the word ‘Nintendo’ in conversation, some never do. I’m glad to see a mother show such unrelenting devotion to her son’s interest. It warms my heart to think of the synapses in her brain firing when she sees her son holding his Nintendo console.”

At press time, sources close to the situation reported that Helen may be more of a gamer than many realize, as she has an Overwatch 2 account with over 6,000 hours and ranked in Grand Master.