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“Not Again!” Man Shouts as Streamer He’s a Tier-3 Subscriber to Revealed to Have Boyfriend

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Twitch user SantasCruise, real name Dave Cruz, while scrolling on Instagram saw a post that made his heart sink.

“So, I was scrolling Instagram because my favorite streamer usually posts a selfie around this time of week, and just before I could type in ‘So beautiful’. I saw the picture and actually read the caption,” Santa Cruz said with tears rolling down his eyes. “It read, ‘Happy one year baby’ and that’s when I yelled out ‘Not again!’ How could she do this to me? She gave me modship in her channel so I thought she was into me. You know how many creepy people I had to kick from her chat? Sure, half of those were my alt accounts so I could ban them and then look good, but a lot. I guess nice guys finish last after all.”

Fellow mod, who asked we refer to him as “Lou” to remain anonymous, was overall not surprised by Santa Cruz’s reaction

“Listen man, we get guys like him all the time. They scroll through Twitch, find a relatively small streamer they find attractive, then start throwing money at her in order to get her attention. Because in their mind, it’s a much better strategy than you know, actually talking to someone in real life.” Said “Lou” through a Discord message. “He actually messaged me and asked me if I knew that she was hiding this from people and I told him, ‘ She didn’t hide it, she doesn’t really talk about it, cause she knew guys like you would react this way’’ and then went on a rant about how she used him for money that she never asked for. Anyways, I hope this is the last we see him.”

The streamer in question, NatsCatInTheHat, real name Nattie Dempsey, was a bit more disappointed in the revelations. “I thought he was a friend.” Dempsey said “I thought all the times he had donated money, when I told my chat that they never have to, he was doing it out of kindness. I gave him modship in my chat and on my Discord because I thought he would be a good addition to the team.” When asked about the money, all she would say is “I was about two streams away from being able to put down a down payment on a new car.”

At press time, it seems like Cruz has already moved onto a new female streamer, but not after posting a vague social media post about being led on by a heartless e-girl.

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