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Nintendo Themed Restaurant Sues You at the End of Meal

LOS ANGELES — A Nintendo themed restaurant that recently opened inside of Universal Studios reportedly sues you for a large sum of money after you complete your meal, sources have confirmed. 

“Wow, what an authentic experience,” said Universal Studios guest and longtime gamer Randy Madden, as he paid his check and went over the court summons that was presented alongside it. “The Mushroom Kingdom Burger was great, and the kids loved their Rainbow Road slushies. This lawsuit at the end, however, where they threaten to garnish my wages for the rest of my life, really is the cherry on top. I can’t believe they pulled this off, what an incredible experience for us Nintendo fans!” 

“This lawsuit thing is a joke though,” he added. “Right?” 

The restaurant opened this week inside of the park’s Super Nintendo World area, and has seen a surge in popularity following the successful release of The Super Mario Bros Movie

“We’ve had a line out the door for the last few weeks,” said manager Brian Schmidt. “Which is great when you’re running a business. It becomes a little bit of a hassle when you have to file injunctions, indictments, and/or lawsuits against every damn patron that comes into your establishment throughout the day, but hey, this is a stressful industry. There’s always a lot going on.”  

Many customers, however, were furious to discover a pending lawsuit following their completion of a meal. 

“This is too much,” said Cathleen Carlen, a fellow guest of the park. “I just had some overpriced French fries, it’s not like I made a cute little fan game or profited off of their ideas in any way. My son was doodling a Donkey Kong on his placemat and they sent someone by in a Toad costume to take it from him and break all of his crayons. I don’t think we’ll be coming back here again. The things Toad said to my Dylan were just too upsetting.” 

As of press time, customers that have been sued were being urged to keep their eyes peeled for future Nintendo Direct presentations, as they will have the directions about any and all upcoming court dates they are due for. 

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