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Nintendo Teases Pokémon Red (Taylor’s Version)

KYOTO – Eagle-eyed fans believe that Yoshiaki Koizumi teased a collaboration with pop icon Taylor Swift in the latest Nintendo Direct, shrieking sourced confirmed.

“Pokemon fans will be very happy to hear that the franchise will be returning to a place they know all too well,” said Koizumi, cryptically inserting the title of a T-Swift song in a sentence that contains exactly 22 words. “That’s all we can say for now,” he concluded, coincidentally standing in front of a red background.

Fans in the intersection of the Pokemon/Taylor Swift venn diagram have been viciously sifting through footage trying to find conclusive evidence of what they are coining, “Pokemon Red (Taylor’s Version)”

“Isn’t it peculiar that the TM Swift and Swift the artist both have 100% accuracy of hitting?” argued Hayley Braun, moderator in the r/PokeSwifie subreddit. “The Era’s Tour comes to Tokyo in February, so I’d predict an official announcement then.”

Politicians and economists agree that a potential merger between these two powerhouses could have lasting implications on the global economy.

“This is the kind of thing that can move GDP around pretty violently,” explained Nimesh Verma, an NYU economics professor. “But the benefits will come at price: everyone’s algorithm will be plagued with colorful monsters singing ‘I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling Piakchu.’”

At press time, Nintendo announced that the rival in Pokemon Red (Taylor’s Version) will be John Mayer.