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Nintendo Partner Direct Dedicates 5 Minutes to Laughing at Hollow Knight Fans

Hollow Knight fans who watched today’s Nintendo Partner Direct were treated to a special 5-minute segment dedicated to them. They watched with bated breath hoping that something on the showcase would have a segment that mentioned Silksong and Nintendo gave them exactly that as a special segment was dedicated to laughing at them for expecting any actual announcement.

The segment was kicked off with Doug Bowser who said, “We know Hollow Knight fans are watching right now asking themselves ‘Where Silksong’ and we’re very excited for the next five minutes to be made just for you.”

Bowser was then joined by other Nintendo executives and Xbox’s Phil Spencer as they pointed at the camera and laughed hysterically for five minutes straight. At the halfway mark, a message appeared on screen inviting viewers to join in and laugh with them at anyone they know who was expecting Silksong news.

After the event Bowser explained the inclusion of the segment.,

“We know that Hollow Knight fans were looking forward to this Direct as they do all Directs, hoping that Silksong will get a release date. I knew we couldn’t just not bring it up because that wouldn’t be fair to everyone who tuned in with the deluded idea it would be there so we decided to have some fun,” he said. “I hope they don’t take it too hard, I mean it could always be worse, they could be Metroid Prime fans.”

Phil Spencer said he was happy to make the cameo.

“At Xbox, we gave Hollow Knight fans hope that Silksong would come out within a year all the far back in June 2022 so it only felt right that I join in laughing at them. I’m really grateful for the invite,” he said.

At press time, Hollow Knight fans are certain Silksong will be at the next Direct.

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