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Nintendo Announces ‘Fortnite 99’

KYOTO — Gamers the world over were treated to the newest slate of games coming to the Switch during this morning’s Nintendo Direct, including an exciting, albeit confusing, new take on the battle royale formula in Fortnite 99.

“Wow! Wasn’t that a video game you would like to play?” said Nintendo’s own Shinya Takahashi after the announcement of My Fairytale Fantasy Farm VI: Crops of Dreams 2 DX, which bookended the announcement of Fortnite 99. “We are excited to introduce our next title exclusively for NSO members only. If you are not an NSO member, please turn off the video now. We mean it. Stop.”

The following trailer emphatically praised this fresh twist on the classic game.

“Experience the world of Fortnite in a head-to-head, all out knockout in Fortnite 99!” exclaimed the narration. “For the first time, experience the fun of Fortnite in a 99 player battle royale! That’s 99 specifically, including you! It’s an all new experience exclusive coming to Nintendo Switch.” 

The fan response to the game’s debut was understandably mixed.

“Where the fuck is metroid 4” said one gamer. “Whoa, a new battle royale and 2 more remakes?? Nintendo stans are eating!” said another. “i cant wait for this shit to be around for like a year and then disappear lol,” added Twitter user @That1InsaneGamer.

As of press time, it was announced that Fortnite 99’s service would be discontinued within 48 hours of its release.