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Nikki Haley Excludes Slavery in Answer About Palworld Issues

CONCORD, N.H. – Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley was asked by a New Hampshire gamer about her thoughts on the online debate surrounding Palworld, and she launched right into an on-the-spot review that didn’t mention capturing humans and selling them to vendors once, eye witnesses confirmed.

Haley praised Pocketpair’s overnight success in a town hall filled with over 200 gamers.

“The real issue, and the heart of the ethical concerns, is how Pokemon have been deprived of their Second Amendment Right to own a high-caliber rifle,” Haley said to some cheers. “When my Pals go out for a fight, I know they’re safe, because they’re carrying. Maybe one day, Pokemon can enjoy the right to bear arms as part of a well-organized militia as freely as Pals do. Until then, the ethical debates about Palworld will continue.”

Haley then reportedly took a deep breath, joking “Easy question, huh?” before continuing to review the enormously popular, but controversial game.

“Now look in Palworld, some pals do chores for you. They’re often treated well and they learn from it,” Haley said. “You throw the little ball and you can capture monsters. I’ve seen monsters captured. Mostly monsters.”

Haley redirected the question to what she felt was the most important aspect.

“I don’t want to bring it up, but these developers crossed a line that made me put the game down,” Haley teased her captive audience. “I hope you will all join me in saying ‘no’ to Palworld until they find a way to remove the roadblocks and make this game Steam Deck Verified.”

At press time, Haley was working out which of her captured human pals she would sell to a local in-game vendor.