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New Red Dead 2 DLC Let’s You Gather in a Saloon and Talk About How Cool ‘Undead Nightmare’ Was

NEW YORK — Rockstar Games announced a new installment of downloadable content for 2018’s Red Dead Redemption 2 today; a new saloon where players can gather and discuss how cool the ‘Undead Nightmare’ DLC was for the game’s first installment. 

“Oh shit, that’s the best thing they’ve added to Red Dead 2 in years,” said Lou Trumble, who was a fan of the game but disappointed by Rockstar’s continued focus on the less popular online mode contained within it. “Everything else since its release has been an insult at best and a soulless attempt to turn Red Dead into merely another GTA Online-like cash cow at worst. It’ll be nice to meet up with my buddies and reflect on a time not that long ago in our nation’s history when big video game companies would develop content with the player in mind and not quarterly profit goals.” 

Undead Nightmare was an expansion to the wildly popular Red Dead Redemption, which gave players a new campaign mode to play that saw the characters and locales of the game’s original story get overran by the undead. 

“It was a truly remarkable time in the industry,” said Kevin Holt, video game author and historian. “You had the developers of perhaps the year’s best game put their heads together and give players a fresh exciting new chapter of the story. That’s what the top companies in gaming were doing for a minute. Not like today when games are either remade in five years or neglected and killed forever. Not much in-between anymore. Sure seems like the old ways are dyin’ off, I reckon.”

Executives at Rockstar were excited to share the new online saloon with players. 

“I think with this update we’ve given players something they’ve been wanting for a long time,” said Dan Houser, Red Dead Redemption 2‘s director. “An opportunity to get online and meet up with their friends and discuss how much better DLC used to be, back before people that did not enjoy playing video games got a hold of the entire industry. Without having checked to verify, I can tell you that people online are very, very excited about this latest announcement.”

As of press time, Rockstar had teased that there would be more nostalgia saloons coming to Red Dead Redemption 2 in the future, which would allow players to reminisce on other titles, including Bully, The Warriors, Max Payne, Midnight Club, L.A. Noire, and Manhunt