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New Party Member Can Tell Everyone Is Pretty Sick of Explaining the Main Quest to Them

ZYNTHOS — Sources have confirmed that the latest member of the group of adventurers on a quest to save the world from an unholy evil can tell that all of the party’s other members are sick of re-explaining the details of their objective.

“I’m so grateful to Prince Talon and the rest of the team for letting me tag along after helping me take down the organized crime ring that was using the church in my town as a front,” said White Mage Karina Lowbreeze as she settled into her quarters on the group’s flying airship. “But I’m still trying to fill in the holes of what we’re actually trying to do. Something about an unspeakable force born from human nightmares? I asked the archer whose name I’m still trying to learn why Talon’s uncle wants to release the Phantasm, and all he said was, ‘he’s just evil, OK?’”

Tensions remained high throughout the group as the introduction of new member Lowbreeze threatened to upset not only the balance of general knowledge about the party’s quest, but also the fighting order of the team which already had far more members than available slots in battle.

“I’ve been Prince Talon’s friend since we were kids, I’m sworn to protect him as his bodyguard, and yet I haven’t fought a monster in like, three dungeons,” said Fighter Fyoyr Grun as he organized the party’s crafting materials. “Forgive me if I’m not over the moon to have another person hanging around that I have to tell the entire history of our adventure to. She should just listen closely and pick it up from the context clues. It’s really not that complicated.”

Lowbreeze had reportedly asked Prince Talon for more info on the party’s quest, but could tell even he was tired of talking about it.

“I know it’s a little awkward cause he’s the only person I really know on this ship, but I didn’t really understand his clearly practiced one-sentence summary,” said Lowbreeze. “He ended up giving me his journal to find out more but it’s buried between really detailed descriptions of monsters and his high score in Burstball.”

At press time, the rest of the party had agreed that their favorite new member was their airship pilot since he just wanted to get into fights regardless of the motivation.