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Naughty Dog Announces Last Of Us Pre-Remake for PS6

Santa Monica – In a surprise move, Naughty Dog, the master storytellers behind The Last Of Us, have officially announced a teaser for their pre-remake of their iconic title for the highly anticipated but non-existent PS6.

The pre-remake will reportedly feature impressive 16k graphics, immersive beard physics, and more comparisons to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In a press release that left fans confused, Naughty Dog stated, “We believe the true essence of a classic lies in its sheer ability to be remade, remastered, and then pre-remastered.” Despite The Last Of Us having several remakes under its belt, Naughty Dog insists this pre-remake is also more definitive than the last definitive edition.

Neil Druckmann, director at Naughty Dog, expressed his joy for the project, saying, “We really wanted to give players a chance to relive the experience of playing such an incredibly depressing game.” To reinforce this, the collector’s edition of this pre-remake will ship with a copy of Trainspotting, as well as Requiem For A Dream, to further enhance the melancholic experience.

Some fans are disappointed that there’s no mention of Ellie’s guitar, which many had hoped to ship with the collector’s edition. Previous leaks have revealed that this guitar, no matter how well you tune it, will always sound like it’s being played by someone with 3 fingers. While other fans, delighted by the announcement, patiently wait in fungi-encrusted couches.

The announcement has sparked mixed reactions among fans, with some expressing rabid enthusiasm for the chance to experience the pre-post-apocalypse, while others wonder if we’ve officially run out of ideas. In any case, Naughty Dog is determined to prove that when it comes to remakes, there’s always room for one more – or in this case, one before the one we already had.

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