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‘MultiVersus’ Taking the Summer Off to Figure Some Shit Out

LOS ANGELES — Developers at Player First Games have revealed that MultiVersus, its once popular fighting game that was released to the public last July, is taking the summer off to figure some shit out. 

“Look, it’s not as simple as just keeping the game available to play for everyone that’s been playing so far,” said MultiVersus director Tony Huynh, while strapping luggage to the roof of his car. “It just needs some time away from the intense scrutiny a fighting game is subjected to, especially one that’s seen such a dip in players since its debut. We hope you enjoyed seasons one and two, and we appreciate everyone that paid for the battle pass, but we have to go up north and just like, chill out, you know? We’re all just gonna go rent a house up on a lake and figure out some shit. MultiVersus will be back. Eventually. Maybe. I don’t know. We all just need some time, man.” 

Fans were surprised at the unexpected announcement regarding the game’s suddenly murky future. 

“I get that MultiVersus was kind of the new cool kid for a minute and then the shine wore off,” said local teenager Dave Benton, who didn’t realize the game’s transition from early access to retail version would include an extended blackout period. “But that’s no excuse to run off into the woods for a while. You can’t do that to people. I might not have bought the ‘Founder’s Pack’ if I knew that said ‘Founders’ were gonna dip on me, not gonna lie.”

“It’s really depressing that my favorite game is going away right when I’ll be going on summer vacation,” he added. “I guess I’ll just fall in love or something.” 

As of press time, MultiVersus, The Game Awards’ Fighting Game of the Year 2022, is slated to be released in early 2024, possibly earlier if they get their shit figured out. 

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